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 "After spending a year trying unsuccessfully to learn ATLAS.ti on my own, I had the opportunity to attend Corey Abramson's workshop at UC Berkeley's Center for Urban Ethnography. Corey not only provided excellent guidance to the complexities of working with this software, but also engaged each participant in a discussion about how best to use it in connection with their own projects. The workshop brought me up to speed quickly and made me feel both comfortable and enthusiastic about working with ATLAS.ti, which I have used to code interviews with legal elites for my dissertation. It was the single best software training program I have ever attended. Corey has a singular gift for understanding even the most confused user questions, for answering them clearly and simply, and for defusing the frustration that can arise when smart people encounter something that they must struggle to grasp. He is highly professional and dedicated to ensuring that everyone understands what they need to learn, and conscientious about following through (even after the workshop ended) on issues that required him to investigate and prepare additional materials to meet particular needs that were identified during the workshop. I highly recommend Corey's workshop."

Helen E. Hartnell 
Professor of Law, Golden Gate University
Ph.D. Candidate in Jurisprudence and Social Policy, University of California, Berkeley


"The workshop was fantastic. It’s obvious the Corey put a lot of thought and effort into designing the class for optimal learning.   I enjoyed how you structured the workshop to focus on the thought process behind the program and coding schemes before getting into the nuts and bolts of how to actually use Atlas.  This technique made learning the ins and outs of the program more meaningful as I could better understand how it would work for my research.  I came away with a sense of not only how to use Atlas, but how to use it for my data and research questions. Additionally, I know the type of instruction I received I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else or from anyone else!"

Kathleen M. Marker
UC San Diego Sociology 
Ph.D. Candidate in Jurisprudence and Social Policy, University of California Berkeley


"Mr. Abramson's course on ATLAS.ti is an unparalleled introduction to computer assisted qualitative coding. His handouts and instructions provide a stellar overview of the powerful organizing and search functions available in Atlas. After completing his workshop handouts, I used ATLAS.ti to code interview transcripts of former Detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay Military Facility. The coding scheme helped identify salient themes in the data and laid the groundwork for a human rights study published in 2008 and a book published in 2009."

Stephen Paul Smith
UC Berkeley School of Law
UC Berkeley Sociology


"I was able to attend Corey Abramson’s ATLAS.ti workshop while working on my dissertation and acting as a co-investigator for a University of California Transportation Center study. This workshop was incredibly helpful, particularly as ATLAS.ti has a steep learning curve. Corey led us through both conceptual and technical aspects of the software. He taught us more than just where to click; we also learned at the more general level about the ways in which ATLAS.ti organizes, identifies, and processes data. My projects involved a significant amount of textual and visual information, and this workshop saved me a great deal of time and frustration. The coding and analyzing basics were invaluable, but Corey also helped me think about the best format for the data outputs I would eventually be using in ATLAS.ti. I was able to relay this to our database person while she was developing our online data collection tool. I highly recommend this workshop!"

Camille N.Y. Fink
UCLA Department of Urban Planning


“Corey Abramson's excellent methods course exposed me to analytic techniques that I now consider indispensable in my ethnographic research. Corey is a talented teacher who is able to turn complex information into easily absorbed, step-by-step instruction. I look forward to using ATLAS.ti, the software taught in the course, to help analyze my upcoming Hong Kong Fulbright research on competing paradigms of mental health care. I highly recommend him as an instructor and mentor."

Neil Gong
Service Coordinator, Pathways to Housing NYC
Fulbright Scholar 2009


"During my PhD studies at the London School of Economics, I was funded by my research council to attend a series of workshops into participant observation methods and run by the Center for Urban Ethnography. As part of these workshops I received comprehensive instruction from Corey Abramson into the use of ATLAS.ti as a means to code and analyse qualitative data sets. As a tutor, Corey excelled not only at getting across the potential of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software to enhance the analysis of complex data sets but also at explaining in a structured way how researchers can go about using this software for themselves. These workshops were invaluable to my own ethnographically-oriented research and I would highly recommend them to anyone else involved in such research."

Alasdair Jones, Ph.D.
London Co-ordinator, Living Streets


"When I was conducting my research for my dissertation I heard about this software program that could make my research experience simpler. Without hesitation, I purchased the software and uploaded it onto my laptop. To my surprise when I opened the software I realized I was in serious trouble. I knew nothing about the ATLAS.ti software, so when a friend referred me to Corey Abramson as someone who could help explain how to use the ATLAS.ti software, I 'jumped on it.'

My experience with Corey Abramson and the ATLAS.ti software was a rewarding adventure. Corey Abramson has a unique way of explaining and breaking down instruction so that the novice user can be successful. Corey helped to show me how to code information so that it was easily assessable when doing an analysis of the data. His calm and yet direct demeanor makes the learning experience memorable."

Renée A. Dawson, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of the Diagnostic Center of Northern California
California State Department of Education


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