CER News and Announcements

CER News and Announcements

“Inequality Grows With Age and Shapes Later Years” in the New York Times

Corey Abramson, Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Arizona and CER faculty affiliate, is quoted in a New York Times article entitled  "Income Inequality Grows With Age and Shapes Later Years." In his ethnographic study of seniors in the Bay Area, he found that seniors commonly struggle with health, mobility, and thinning social networks. Abramson argues that they face these challenges on an uneven playing field: “The inequality that shapes our lives from birth onward doesn’t end with the first Social Security check."

Please see Abramson's recently published book, The End Game: How Inequality Shapes Our Final Years, to learn more about this work. 

CER Welcomes Post-Doctoral Scholar Tereza Kuldova

Tereza Kuldova, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Oslo, is based at CER for the beginning of fall semester 2015 to conduct research funded by the Peder Sather Center. Gangs, Brands and Intellectual Property Rights is an interdisciplinary project inspired by the case of the lawsuit between Hells Angels (HAMC) and the luxury fashion designer Alexander McQueen, accused by HAMC of trademark infringement. While this lawsuit brought the Hells Angels’ obsession with copyright protection to the attention of media worldwide, they are not the only “outlaw motorcycle gang” (OMG) actively protecting their registered trademark. Following the model of HAMC, other OMGs have during the past three decades registered their trademarks and set up fashion apparel and accessories labels that help legally fund their not always equally legal activities. Considering the OMGs as expanding transnational business organizations on the fringes of legal regimes, the project analyzes the use of intellectual property rights by OMGs while comparing the global expansion of OMGs and their organizational structure to that of luxury fashion brands, equally desperate to protect their “reputation” in the market.

Children in Crisis: Ethnographic Studies in International Contexts – Now Available

A new collection of ethnographic studies about "Children in Crisis" is now available from Routledge. Edited by Manata Hashemi (PhD, Sociology, UC Berkeley) and Martín Sánchez-Jankowski (Professor of Sociology, ISSI Director, and Chair of the Center for Ethnographic Research at UC Berkeley), the volume brings together ethnographers conducting research on chidren living in crisis situations in both developing and developed regions of the world. The volume offers a cross-cultural approach that spans different cities in the global North and South to provide insight and analyses into the lifeworlds of their young, at-risk inhabitants.  Read more about the book and/or order a copy here.