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Children In Crisis: Ethnographic Studies In International Contexts - Now Available

A new collection of ethnographic studies about "Children in Crisis" is now available from Routledge. Edited by Manata Hashemi (PhD, Sociology, UC Berkeley) and Martín Sánchez-Jankowski (Professor of Sociology, ISSI Director, and Chair of the Center for Ethnographic Research at UC Berkeley), the volume brings together ethnographers conducting research on chidren living in crisis situations in both developing and developed regions of the world. The volume offers a cross-cultural approach that spans different cities in the global North and South to provide insight and analyses into the lifeworlds of their young, at-risk inhabitants.  Read more about the book and/or order a copy here.





The Center for Urban Ethnography (CUE) was created 15 years ago with the intent of providing an intellectual environment for those scholars on the University of California, Berkeley campus conducting ethnographic research on various urban issues.  Over these 15 years, CUE has:  (1) supported major conferences; (2) provided graduate and undergraduate students offices, resources, and training to complete their work using ethnographic research; and (3) supported various faculty from divergent disciplines with their ethnographic research.

CUE was originally started because research on urban issues using ethnographic methodology was rapidly growing and few centers existed in the US that solely supported this type of research.  Over these past years we have consistently received questions and requests from scholars and students as to whether ethnographic research on non-urban topics was part of the Center's mission and we inevitably, and regrettably, had to answer no.  However, the time has come when research using ethnographic methodology has expanded to include a wide range of topics located in urban, rural, and suburban areas.  Therefore, members of CUE have decided that the time has come to expand the mission of the Center to address this new situation.  Thus, the official name of the Center will change to the CENTER FOR ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH.  All of what CUE did to promote research, disseminate research findings, and provide technical training will continue, but it will not limit these activities to research on urban issues.  The name change signals that the Center will promote and support ethnographic research wherever it is done throughout the world.  To reflect this change we have redesigned our web page, so please continue to consult it for current updates concerning the various activities occurring at the Center for Ethnographic Research (CER).


Martín Sánchez-Jankowski